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Afro Harmony

Afro Harmony

Afro Harmony Jazz Crew formally known as Hidden Jazz, constitutes 4 young, talented, dynamic and skilled individuals who have the drive and passion to play all kinds of music especially jazz. Their music fuses the rural beauty of old-time pop, swing, Latin, afro-pop, traditional with the spirit of contemporary jazz to forge a uniquely evocative aesthetic. The crew consists of a Pianist, Guitarist, Drummer and Bassist. Majority of the group members slowly came together under the tutelage of the Executive Brothers Band, in which they decided to create a unique blend of their own jazz crew with a drummer, pianist, and a guitarist, they eventually recruited a bassist to round up the group dubbed the Afro Harmony Jazz Crew. The band has been together for two years and has played in most of the notable hotels and hottest jazz clubs in Ghana(Accra).They include Golden Tulip Hotel, Belaroma Jazz Club and just recently became the resident jazz band for African Regent Hotel. It is their vision to create great atmospheres through their soulful music and a general sense of relaxation at their venues.

The Crew
Ebenezer Kwaw the Pianist: 

Ebenezer Kwaw’s love of music was natured from childhood where music played a prominent role in all family activities, from toy round-ups to holiday celebrations and camping trips. However he discovered the healing power of music while teaching himself the piano during a rough patch in his early teens. Eben graduated from senior high school in 2007 with the desire to incorporate the therapeutic values of music into his life. He began studying music as part-time in Accra with some of the jazz players in his neighbourhood. He then moved on to playing regularly for the executive brother’s band and later relocated to Kumasi to play with another band for a year. He has also played numerous recordings for some hip-life and gospel artists and also plays in church as well. Today Eben and the talented members of the Afro-Harmony Jazz Crew can be found performing in most hotels and jazz clubs in Ghana. Eben is single and lives with his parents and older siblings.

Ebenezer Kyei Mensah the Guitarist: 

He is a professional musician, composer, arranger and above all, a guitarist. Eben’s love and passion for music emerged when he began playing the drum kit at a tender age of four. His grandmother discovered his talent due to his noisy nature of playing on pots and pans after every dinner. She signed him up with the church choir in his community as a young alto singer with so much enthusiasm about music. With music as his soul food, Eben later fell in love with the guitar at the age of nine with the intention of being a great jazz player. He then joined the Executive Brothers Band after completing high school with the desire of pursuing music as a career. With his experience in performing on stage and recording with most top artists in Ghana, Eben was given a scholarship to study music at Symphony’s Jazz Academy where he studied traditional and contemporal jazz music. He graduated as one of the young and finest RnB guitarist in the country. Currently in the entertainment world, Eben is a member of the Afro-Harmony Jazz Crew and a part of Wolfpack Entertainment. An entertainment company focused on unearthing young and hidden talents.  He is also single, a lovely guy and a friend who is always ready to reach-out to others especially the youth through music.

Philip Kwame Qauye Asante the Drummer:

Philip is arguably one of the most influential modern drummers that is still active in the drumming community. Not only is he known for being one of the freshest sounding drummers but has also worked in his father’s company for some time. When Philip first started playing at the age 12 years old, he was inspired and influenced by both jazz and RnB music. He played in the executive brothers’ international band and through that he had the opportunity to play for some local artists as well. When Philip graduated from high school, he joined forces with his three music mates to establish the hidden jazz crew which is now known as Afro-Harmony Jazz Crew. Philip is definitely one of those drummers who will never stop being successful. So far Philip’s career has been everything that up and coming drummers can only dream of becoming. Not only do his jazz mates respect him, but he also has the respect of other fellow drummers in the music industry.

Amoah Gaddiel the Bassist:

Gaddiel normally called P.K by his friends was born in Sekondi Takoradi, spent his childhood moving back and forth between his mom and dad’s houses.  He picked up classical music from his dad who used to play in the house through his childhood.  P.K began his music career early. At the age of 6, his brother Paa Yaw a notable keyboardist and jazz pianist thought him how to play the drums. By the time he was 11 years and attending junior high, he started learning the keyboard. Gaddiel used to play in his church with his brother and friends. Upon his completion of junior high, he had to start playing the bass guitar because his church lacked a bassist. Gaddiel enhanced his music carrier on one occasion when he vacated from school by playing with a popular gospel artist in the country. The singer appreciated him and encouraged him to grow his natural talent. On completion of his senior high, he was invited to join the Afro-Harmony jazz as their official bassist. Now Gaddiel is considered as one of the country’s great emerging musical talents.